Always Accessible

Digipark goes to great effort to ensure servers run secure and operational so you can have a web presence which is always available and doesn’t take days to load.


Digipark servers run with redundancy in multiple areas… dual power supplies, mirrored drives, and hourly backups.

Custom Website

Whether your project is big or small, Digipark can provide the development expertise to get your site running how you need it.


Whether you need to know how to add an email address in your account, or have a website challenge that needs to be fixed, Digipark is available to help.

Some of our clients


Digipark did it! A tech illiterate like me updates and swaps video, audio, PDF, and image files and messages in seconds via a simple database. The site can have totally new crucial content in two minutes with no dedicated webmaster on staff!
Derek Mosley, Wowzabrain
Thanks for all your help and patience creating a wonderful website for us.
Digipark created a very secure and reliable configuration for CityStar’s sites. The new hardware has proven to be amazingly fast.
Artie Romero, Citystar