What exactly is WordPress Maintenance?

Think of it like regular maintenance you would do on your car… your vehicle will perform poorly and possibly experience major damage if you do not do regular oil changes, tire rotations, etc. A WordPress Maintenance package at Digipark means we manually handle WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates ourselves. We also perform manual off-site backups. If your site is broken due to the updates, we will attempt to resolve the issue or revert to a backup.

WordPress Maintenance from Digipark also includes configuration of LiteSpeed Cache. LiteSpeed is a very fast server level caching system that includes a caching plugin within WordPress. This plugin is included but you would need to configure it yourself unless you have one of our Maintenance packages.

Pricing for Digipark Maintenance services are $50/month for single page sites, $75/month for small multi-page sites, and $285/m for large sites with higher traffic (ie: the Business or Premium hosting packages). Note the $285/m Maintenance package includes up to 3 hours of development work per month to help you budget for content, plugin additions, or development assistance. Quarterly maintenance is also available – just contact us for more details.

Sign up for hosting today and check the Maintenance option, or Contact Us with questions about your particular needs and we’ll get back to you quickly.