Digipark takes security serious. In a perfect world, criminals would not hack websites and we could focus on selling our products or sharing what is important with others who are interested. But WordPress sites and web servers are constantly hacked… and most site owners aren’t security experts. Many don’t install security plugins, don’t keep their sites updated (see our WordPress Maintenance service for details), or use free plugins and themes which are full of security holes.

There’s an old story about a man who built a house on the sand, and another who built his house on a rock. It doesn’t take a genius (or a licensed contractor) to realize which house survived when the storm came. So while we encourage clients to use good security practices with their sites, we believe for all our customers, the best approach is to start with a secure foundation.

... so how do I protect my site?

Because we have invested heavily in multiple layers of hardware and software security systems, we know our servers and your websites are protected. We have never had a server compromised.

We have had clients with their account or email compromised and in every case, it was because the password was simple like ‘password!’, their business street address, or something similar, or WordPress issues because it wasn’t kept updated (see WordPress Maintenance).

Some of our clients had been hacked on other hosting systems and came to us for assistance. With our years of experience, we have created server level scans that can track down suspicious or hacked files and get a site back online. Contact us today if your site has been compromised, or if you’re concerned about the level of security your current hosting company has.

How much does this amazing security cost? Nothing! Well, not exactly nothing. You would have to host here of course, but we don’t nickel and dime our clients with $ amount for backups and $$$ amount for security scans. In fact, if your WordPress site has an issue, we will move it here and in most cases clean it up at no additional charge (other than the annual hosting cost). For higher traffic, higher profile clients, we recommend our WordPress Maintenance service as this gives you additional protection and keeps your site updated regularly. Just like caring for our vehicles, our homes, or even our physical bodies, WordPress Maintenance from Digipark keeps your site running the best that it can.